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Be congruent, be authentic, be your true self.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Hi, I’m Sam!
Samantha Lee Wright

A free-spirited, multi-passionate entrepreneur, doula, childbirth educator, and mother of two.

I’m here to feed your thirst for knowledge whilst you journey into birth, motherhood and beyond.

My mission is to put moms in the driver’s seat of life, whether that be in birth, in health, or even in business, so that you feel like you’re the one driving the ship, and less like a passenger on the roller-coaster of parenting.

I’m the producer and host of the #1 essential oil podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, The Essential Oil Revolution, where each week, I interview some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring experts on essential oils, health, fitness, spirituality, and science. Episodes are jam packed full of practical advice, DIY recipes, healthy living tips, and so much more.

I maintain an active birth business working as a doula and teaching modern and fun childbirth classes in my beloved mountain town in Boone, NC.

I work collaboratively with doctors and midwives to help parents have better birth experiences, and support them as they transition into parenthood with unbiased and up-to-date education, emotional support, and lots of loving touch.

On this site, I like to provide parents with practical, non-judgmental, and down-to-earth advice about childbirth, pregnancy, and wellness.

I teach on a wide variety of topics including:

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth – giving birth in the hospital.
  • Essential Oils – Ditch the toxins and take control of your health with nature’s most powerful form of plant medicine.
  • Naptime Momtrepreneurs– How to build a business you truly love during naptimes.
  • Doulas – Filling a missing link in modern maternity care and why every woman deserves doula support in childbirth and postpartum.
  • Calling an End to the “Birth Wars”- Compassionate collaboration as a path to better birth experiences and positive changes in maternity care.

Here’s some of my most popular podcasts, videos, and articles:

sam wright, childbirth educatorWhy I’m Passionate about Birth

With my 5+ years of experience working as a childbirth educator and labor doula, I was able to journey through pregnancy and childbirth as a fully informed mom (or at least well above average). When labor time came, I was able to make fully informed decisions about my birth and felt like I was the one in control of my experience, rather than a patient whose baby was “being delivered.”

The difference between “being delivered” and “giving birth” might seem like a play on words more than anything else, but to me it is a philosophy. It’s a vision of women giving birth all around the world who do so feeling respected, informed, and empowered.

Because, when women feel all of these things in childbirth, they often feel empowered in other areas of their lives too.

Better birth can lead to better parenting, better relationships, better lifestyles, better self esteem, and healthier outcomes for moms and babies.

It is my passion to teach parents the practical skills they need to know to enjoy giving birth in a hospital setting, and not feel like they are powerless patients who are scared of the unknown. I teach parents what to expect from birth, what their choices are, and how to take control of their birth, without alienating their care provider, or compromising on safety.

When we learn to take control of our birth, we learn to take control of our lives and we begin to make healthier choices for ourselves and our families. In turn, this can lead to  stronger mothers, stronger families, stronger communities, and a better world.

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