Samantha Lee Wright brings her down-to-earth, raw passion into each room she’s invited to speak.

Never one to take herself too seriously, she has a way of quickly breaking through to crowds as she shares and connects with them over various, and oftentimes personal, topics.

SLW Speaks about

  • Podcasting ____ (on a shoestring budget, as a way to define your brand, for tribe building, for income, for art)

  • Essential Oils ____ (as a gateway drug to health & wellness, to transform your health & home, to build independence in your healthcare)

  • Non-Toxic Lifestyle ____ (and the importance of knowing what’s in your products, and the top 15 chemicals, and how to DIY your way to health)

  • Childbirth ___ (education, the failures and successes of the US maternity system, as a pivot point in parenting)

  • Doulas___ (what are they, what aren’t they, and why they are an essential part of a woman’s right of passage into motherhood)

  • Entrepreneurship ___ (authentic brand building, the creative side to owning a business, creating multiple streams of income to better serve your tribe, the rise of home-based businesses, the rise of momtrepreneurs, juggling work/wife/mom life, how network marketing saved my life)

  • Motherhood ___ (it kinda sucks, the guilt and pride of being a momtrepreneur, being a check-writing mom vs. a browning making mom).

  • Redefining Success ___ (downsize your life to upsize your bank account, the 10-2 work dream, outsourcing for awesomeness).


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