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Dealing with Loud People in Childbirth (Video Post)

Raise your hand if you think that birth deserves some G-damn peace and quiet! Hand up? Ok, great, we agree…well, it’s not just you and me that agree my friend, but science too! Without going into a long complicated summary of the different […]

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What exactly is a Doula? (and why you deserve one)

If you happen to be a teacher, a plumber, or a waitress then the question “What do you do?” is a relatively easy one to answer. If, however, your occupation lies in the more obscure arena of the workforce, like […]

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8 Things You’re Wrong On About Childbirth

Having fear and anxiety about childbirth can increase your chances of having a painful, high-intervention labor. The mind-body connecting in childbirth is real and powerful and also something we feel powerless to change. But it’s NOT impossible to change your […]

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