Are essential oils safe to use in pregnancy? How can essential oils help you achieve a more blissful nine months? Which essential oils might be helpful during childbirth and postpartum? Find out all of this and more in this special podcast/blog post mash-up which collides two of my favorite topics of all time—pregnancy and essential oils!

With special guest Vanessa Merten from The Pregnancy Podcast!

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In this Episdoe You’ll Discover:

  • Sam’s story of how she became passionate about birth and passionate about essential oils.
  • The truth about safety and essential oils during pregnancy and how to recognize a true therapeutic grade essential oil.
  • Which essential oils should be avoided in pregnancy.
  • Why essential oils are so helpful and beneficial during pregnancy.
  • Which oils help support commonly stressed systems in pregnancy which can lead to things like morning sickness, sore muscles, mood swings, and stretch marks.
  • Essential oils to combat fatigue and improve sleep.
  • Essential oils to help with childbirth and emotions in childbirth.

These are just some of my favorite uses of essential oils during pregnancy, but there are TONS and TONS of other uses. Want to know more? Pick up a copy of Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern. It’s a great resource to have for care of your little one as well.

Download this free printable “cheat sheet” for safe essential oil use during pregnancy and also get my best recipes for common pregnancy and postpartum concerns:
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Comment below. What are your go to remedies during pregnancy? Thanks for reading and please share with your pregnancy friends!

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