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What (and how) to pack for a hospital birth

Want to Know What to Pack for Your Natural Hospital Birth? Ok, there are three things you need to know about me: I'm a professional labor doula. I love simplicity. I love checklist! So suffice to say, I have packing for a [...]
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5 Ways to Use Birth Balls for a Natural Childbirth

I believe in the power of a birth ball so much that I actually gift one to every single client of mine. It’s amazing that for under $20 you can get so many benefits. When used in pregnancy, birth balls: Help relieve low back pain and […]

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What exactly is a Doula? (and why you deserve one)

If you happen to be a teacher, a plumber, or a waitress then the question “What do you do?” is a relatively easy one to answer. If, however, your occupation lies in the more obscure arena of the workforce, like […]

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